Infographic: Mental Health on the Minds of Canadians

Ahead of mental health week, we asked 2,010 Canadians about their experience with mental health issues like stress and depression. The results reveal a disconnect between how Canadians are assessing their own mental state and the actual impact these issues are having on their lives.

While 90% of Canadians describe their mental health as being good or better, 59% are classified as being at a moderate or high risk according to the Ipsos Mental Health Risk Index. Even more alarming is the fact that mental health issues have disrupted the lives of three-in-ten Canadians (30%) in the past year alone resulting in taking time off work or school and missed social gatherings. The silver lining in all of this is that we learned 31% of Canadians are talking about mental health issues and concerns to others, with friends and family playing a key support role. We share more insights from this study in the infographic below:

05-15 Mental Health Infographic

To download a copy, please click here.