Hispanic Youth…Living the Dream?

Imagine a world with no parents. A world where the phrase “in loco parentis” doesn’t exist. A world where Millennials rise on their own, and take control of the world!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the post post-teen, early twenty years. A time of excitement, adventure, broadening one’s horizons, and experiencing the world through the eyes of the great explorers, like Marco Polo, Neil Armstrong and Richard E. Byrd.

Or maybe not. Maybe adventure is just around the kitchen counter in a room never experienced called the laundry room.  In this month’s Thought Starter from Ipsos Public Affairs, titled “Hispanic Youth Living the Dream – With Their Parents?” there are eerie similarities between Hispanic Millennials and General US Millennials. The most prevailing tail-wind flowing through this generation is the common theme of living with parents post high school/college, and well into the mid-20s.

The top five reasons why Millennials stay at home syncs between Hispanics and Gen-Pop: low paying job, enjoy conveniences, can’t find a job, college loans, and saving for major purchases. However, there are two reasons why Hispanic Millennials live at home longer than General US Millennials, which makes me turn my head sideways to the Prime Meridian…

  1. “Love living at home” – 24% for Hispanics vs. 13% US Gen-Pop
  2. “Delaying Marriage” – 17% for Hispanics vs. 8% US Gen-Pop

Hmmm, double hmmm, and triple hmmm!

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