Americans Spring into Self-Improvement

If you could only change one thing this year, which of the following areas would you choose?  Before you answer… Winning Powerball, Sailing to Greece, or receiving a lifetime gift certificate for free Chinese food at Imperial Garden, are not on the list of answers.  Does that make it tougher?  For me, maybe, but for the rest of the USA, probably not.

In a recent survey conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, “Americans Spring Into Self-Improvement: 2015 Goals”, we ask the tough questions which challenge your waistline balance, and passbook saving account balance.

When asked, “If you could only change one thing this year, which of the following areas would you choose”, Americans made it clear that financial fitness outweighed physical fitness, with 43% Looking to Change their Finances, 38% said Physical Mind or Body, and 19% stated Relationships, Friends, or Family. “A goal without a plan is a wish (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)” is something every sales manager I have ever worked with has exclaimed at some moment in time.  So when asked “Which goals would you most like to accomplish in 2015”, 36% said Lose Weight, 35% said Exercise, and receiving the bronze medal at 27% was Get Financially Sound.  I would put “crushing” a bag of Imperial Garden food on my list of goals in 2015, but something tells me that goals are more about a re-awakening each year, and not about extending the hitting streak for most Chinese food eaten while getting my physical fitness in shape.

Not every goal setter, or for that matter, trend setter, has a list of goals to achieve every year, but one thing is certain, women are much more likely to take action, set goals, and achieve results based on our survey.  It seems 56% of females have set goals for 2015, vs. 49% of men.

I feel as if my exercise routine would closely follow my financial routine.  “Hey, I got a great idea…  Let’s start fresh next week, or next month, or better yet in 10 years.”  In both cases taking the first step is the hardest, but the more focus you put toward an issue the more likely you are to eliminate it from your windshield.

Every day I watch TV, I see more and more ads related to financial freedom, debt consolidation, and getting a grip on family finances.  They have pushed poor Kirstie Alley aside, and made her legions of Weight Watching followers take a back seat to the calming voice of Alan Thicke (Canada’s Finest) telling Americans which tax relief or debt consolidation program they need to consider.

So, give up eating those boneless spareribs, and get in shape tomorrow, while you give up buying those boneless spareribs, and get in better financial shape tomorrow.