Millennials… The Connected and Socially Dependent Generation

Son: “Dad, I need some business advice”

Dad: “Ok son, walk me through the situation, and let me see if I can help out”

Son: “I need to ask my boss for a raise.  My performance the last two years has been above my company’s expectations”

Dad: “Ok, I can help you draft some points to make your case”

Son: “Actually, I know what I want to say, the advice I need is this… Should I talk to him face-to-face, or by phone, or send him an email, or connect through LinkedIn, or upload my thoughts through Facebook, or simply text him?”

Dad: “Why not text him?  It’s been our primary mode for communication the past two years, and it seems to have worked for us as a family”

No… it’s not the dawn for the “Age of Aquarius” (Boomer humor), it’s the sign of the times for Millennials who were born from 1982 – 1995, and number somewhere around 70 million strong in the good ole USA.

In a recent study conducted by the Ipsos Public Affairs US Omnibus team, “At Home and on the go with the Millennials”, we look at the habits and behaviors of this tech-savvy, and always on the go generation.

Although Millennials can be portrayed (accurately from my real world observations) as a group of social introverts when their device of choice is removed from their environment, they do have a sense of responsibility when it comes to their view of the world, and what’s important.

Almost one-third surveyed said “saving towards a home” is their #1 priority in the coming 12 months”, followed by saving for a car and vacation.  Heck, I would have thought saving for replacement thumb surgery, closely followed by replacement index fingerprints from swiping a screen too much would have topped the list.

I’m not a cynical Boomer-Gen X earthling gone sour, but actually an adoptive device-oriented wannabe.  Just last week, I managed to execute a four-way conversation with all three of my sons at the Cheesecake Factory, place my order with the waiter, make sure my tech-adoptive mother knew I remembered her anniversary, and sold off one million shares of ZZZZ Best Carpets stock.

Of all the things we surveyed with Millennials, we couldn’t help but ask, “Which of the following items do you think would be worse to go without for two days?”, and lo and behold, the mobile phone at 42% came in almost twice as high as the good old fashioned wallet.

I guess if the wallet is empty like mine, I might land in the 42% bucket as well!