Why Fantasy Football Is Relevant to Marketing Research

Thought Starter…

I won’t bore you with an article about fantasy football (though as of this writing, I just have to say…I am awesome).  Instead, I noticed something the other day that I thought worth sharing.  Next to the game score for the week, there was a button that said “recap.”  I clicked it, and you can read below what I found.  It was written by software from a company called Automated Insights – no human intervention required.  My point in showing this is not to brag about my fantasy football prowess (I’m actually a little bit embarrassed I even participate), but to make the point that we have to continue to go beyond the numbers, or else we risk becoming increasingly irrelevant.  This ought to make us all think twice about our approach to reporting.


Engine Failure Smashes Major Pain, Pushes Them from First Place

Engine Failure (fifth place, 3-1, 491.21 points) drops Major Pain (3-1, 557.96 points) out of the top spot in the league after trashing them 158.96 – 100.41. When it was all over, they put up the second-highest point total in the league this week. It was an epic beatdown, and the 58.55-point margin of victory is the second-highest in the league this season. Major Pain suffered a significant drop in scoring from last week’s 164.03 – 127.22 win against Traye.

Engine Failure Smooth Moves

  • Aaron Rodgers scored the most points of any player on Engine Failure this season with 58.56.
  • With 17.40 points, Rob Gronkowski had the third-highest TE score of the week and the seventh-best TE score in the league this season.
  • In scoring 16.30 points, Danny Amendola put up his largest point total of the year.
  • Engine Failure won despite having only 4 of their 9 starters exceed their scoring projection.

Major Pain Regret Tracker

  • Did not start Tom Brady, who scored 54.00 points to rank third in the league in scoring.
  • Should have started Jermichael Finley, who underachieved, but still had more points than the starting TE with 7.40 against a projected 8.95.
  • The 5.00 points scored by Lawrence Tynes did not reach his projected point total of 7.95. He was just picked up this week by Major Pain.
  • Martellus Bennett was last in the matchup in scoring and achieved only 9.3% of his projected point total, his lowest percentage of the season.
  • It was not a good week for Major Pain at TE, where they were beaten 17.40 – 0.70.