Is Your Research Letting Store Brands Win?

Once upon a time, store brands were considered cheap, generic, inferior – what you would buy when you are on a budget or seeking a bargain. These days, that fairy tale is over. Store brands and private labels have become increasingly sophisticated in their marketing, packaging and branding, in some cases, becoming indistinguishable from national brands or even commanding a higher degree of loyalty and at a premium price.

So, as the brand manager of a national brand, is your research letting you down? The short answer is YES! This is a significant concern as store brands continue to squeeze the gap on national brands. I want to show you how your research is letting you down and offer suggestions and ideas on how you can do better with better research. Join me on Thursday, September 12 for a special Ipsos InnoQuest online presentation where you will:

• learn how to own the insight, strengthening your emotional connection with customers in a way store brands seldom do.

• understand why Relevance, Expensiveness and Differentiation provide better guidance than Purchase Intent as to how to compete with store brands.

• discover how to include store brands as part of your concept testing database comparisons (hint: they are probably missing now).

Watch this short video to learn more about the webinar and then make sure to register here.