Ipsos’ VoiceNW Paints a Portrait of Puget Sound Residents


Did you know that almost one-quarter (24%) of Puget Sound area residents attend “Happy Hour” at least once a month? Or, that 69% are planning on taking a vacation this year and 67% think they are getting enough fruits and veggies? It sure sounds like Puget Sound residents know the recipe to a balanced lifestyle.

As you may remember from my last post, Ipsos recently presented a medley of fun facts at the PSAMA MarketMix conference. The data was sourced from our Voice of the Northwest (VoiceNW) research solution, which provides a lens into the thoughts and opinions of Puget Sound citizens on a wide range of subjects. For those that didn’t make it to the conference, here is a summary of some key lifestyle habits of those in the Pacific Northwest.

Residents are diving into the social media waters. Puget Sound residents are no doubt savvy when it comes to social media. Three-quarters have “liked” the page of a company on Facebook, and almost one-quarter (23%) of area residents have written at least one blog post. That said, with 61% of residents admitting to never having scanned a QR code, some trends just haven’t caused a splash.

E-Commerce is gaining momentum too. Puget Sound residents are increasingly using the Internet to make purchases. With faster delivery and wider selection, who would blame them? Books (65%), music (52%) and home electronics (48%) are more likely to be shopped for online than offline. Plus, 63% of area residents have bought something through an online group offer.

But they are rather blasé towards basketball. Almost half (46%) have “no interest at all” in March Madness and are “not at all likely” to attend a Sonics game their first season back in Seattle (49%).

They’re traveling quite a bit…but not for work. With dreary weather throughout the winter, more and more residents will plan a getaway for personal reasons. In the next 6 months, consumers are more likely to travel by air for leisure (45%) than for business (18%), and more likely to stay overnight in a hotel for leisure (57%) purposes than for business (21%).

Puget Sound residents think they are a lucky bunch. In fact, a whopping 67% of area residents believe in luck, especially when it comes to gambling. Compared to other U.S. residents, consumers in the West (20%) are more likely to have visited a casino in the past month than those living in the Northeast (10%), Midwest (12%), or South (9%). However this is one activity that hasn’t made its way to the digital space. Puget Sound residents are more likely to gamble in a casino (46%) than they are to gamble online (8%).

Interested in learning more fun facts? Keep an eye out for more VoiceNW research findings.