Dear Diary, I’m leaving you for my Mobile App!

The diary dilemma…

For years, diary studies have been conducted to get a closer look into the consumer experience as well as usage of various products and services, both while in-home and on-the-go. Truth be told, the level of information obtained from diaries is invaluable as it allows for an intimate glimpse into not only why respondents rate products and services the way they do, but also how those ratings might influence purchase decisions in the future.

But, admittedly, capturing diary insights can be a bit cumbersome. Respondents are typically asked to record their behaviors and opinions in a paper diary for a given period of time – while we researchers cross our fingers that the paper diary doesn’t get misplaced among the sea of other ‘as important’ paper documents. Once the diary is completed, entries are then manually entered by each respondent to an online, after-use survey, usually about one week later. But, respondents are humans…and humans make errors.

It’s time to go green!

But no longer do we have to deal with this “human error”! The Ipsos Mobile Diary App takes the proverbial headache (and paper!) out of diary research. With the Ipsos Mobile Diary App, what was once a static, paper diary is now a dynamic mobile diary – conveniently capturing diary entries and related responses in real-time on each respondent’s mobile device.

The Ipsos Mobile Diary App offers you 24/7 access and insight into to respondents experiences, both in-home and on-the-go. This constant contact enables you to more accurately identify, understand & quantify the ever so crucial “moment of truth”.

Key benefits of the Ipsos Mobile Diary App:

  • In-the-moment: Responses are collected in real-time, just minutes after completing each task
  • Accurate measurement: Results are more discriminating given the immediacy of the reactions
  • Convenient: Respondents simply log entries on their mobile devices as they go about their day

How the Ipsos Mobile Diary App works:

  1. Qualified respondents who own smartphones are presented with detail as to what is expected from the research exercise & are asked if they agree to take part in the mobile diary study
  2. Those that opt-in are provided with a link to download the Ipsos Mobile Diary App & login detail
  3. To encourage participation, reminders are sent at varying time points during the field period through the Ipsos Mobile App (additional reminders can also be sent via SMS OR email)

Respondents can also be targeted by:

  • Demographics (age, gender, income)
  • Key markets
  • Day part / life stage
  • Product and / or brand usage
  • Device, manufacturer & OS (iOS, Android, etc.)

It’s time to ditch your pen and paper diaries for the Ipsos Mobile Diary App. Ping us to learn how!