Welcome to Ipsos Ideas Spotlight, our blog for all things research related

The world in changing. So too is research. With this blog, we are putting research ideas in the spotlight. Hence the name. Thoughts. Findings. Methodologies. Challenges. Solutions. Results. You’ll find it all here. This is the place to pick the brains of Ipsos’ team of research experts, to get inside their heads and see how they view the world of research.

This is just the first step on a long journey. There is no ultimate destination. Just a series of adventures, discoveries and a great deal of learning and evolving – after all, that is the way with research. So come back again and come back often as the story unfolds and the blog grows and expands. We welcome your feedback, your questions, your suggestions and encourage you to engage in the dialogue and share your perspectives.

So get in the spotlight and let the blogging begin!