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Everything changes. Everything stays the same. Our technologies have us connecting, sharing, talking and learning in newer, faster and more revolutionary ways. But at its core, it remains about people. You need to understand the beat they march to. And Ipsos can help.

In this month’s issue…

Leveraging the Potential for ‘Word of Mouth’ and ‘Word of Mouse’

One of the most fascinating things about advertising is the impact of ‘Word of Mouth’ – or in today’s reality, ‘Word of Mouse’. No matter how you cut the data, of all the potential touchpoints a consumer can come in contact with, Word of Mouth (when present) has one of the strongest in-market effects.

Catching the Tablet Wave

Last year we wondered what the future would hold for the tablet PC. Well, it is almost the middle of 2012 now and the tablet PC is gaining more momentum. The majority of internet users now want to own one of these devices and a significant number plan to purchase one before the end of the year.

Store Brands Muscle in on National Brands’ Comfort Zone

While consumer perceptions toward store brands have slipped on many dimensions over the last two years, store brands may be starting to improve on several product benefits typically associated with national brands, namely: quality, innovativeness, uniqueness and packaging. Read our latest findings.

Canada‘s Love Affair with Mobile: Which Brands are Winning?

Canadians love their Smartphone, Tablet and eReader devices! A recent release of Ipsos Reid’s Mobil-ology study confirms that. But looking to the future of the mobile sector, which brands are Canadians considering when it comes down to the purchase decision?

Researchers are good at asking questions. But that’s because we’re interested in the answers. Have a look through the articles and get the answers our researchers have provided.

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