Ipsos Ideas: Something to Talk About…

Like it or not, people are talking. And texting. And commenting. And tweeting. And blogging. And reading. This page alone is proof of that. And they are probably doing it about you and your brand. But don’t try and silence them. You should really try to listen! Because what they are saying, sharing and reading can change your future.

This month’s Ipsos Ideas kicks off the spring with some conversations on the new reality of research. It isn’t so much about asking questions anymore. That’s still important. But it is just as important to get into the conversation – to listen, to learn, to win.

In this month’s issue…

A Conversation in Entering the Social Media Conversation

Brands want to engage with customers through social media, but most have trouble figuring out how to begin. Johnson & Johnson turned to Ipsos’ Kristi Diaz and Maury Giles to help them identify how they could enter the social media conversation in a way that people would find genuine and helpful. Kristi and Maury share that conversation with us.

The ‘New Normal’ of Research

It is a brave new world out there. Over the past several years, social trends, technology, market pressures, innovations and new ways of thinking have profoundly changed the way we think about, conduct and use market research. There is a “new normal” and the implications for your business are enormous.

What will be the Next Tablet? A Peek Inside the Consumer Electronics Market

Each January, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opens in Las Vegas, offering a preview of products and new product announcements. Last year, the tablet was the hot ticket item at CES 2011, so what were this year’s buzz products? Ipsos MediaCT’s Kevin Thompson and Brian Cruikshank give you the inside scoop on CES 2012 and what this year’s consumer electronics market looks like.

Home Sweet Home: Renovate or Sell?

Real estate is hot property in Canada. But what would you do if your house needed major repairs and you were faced with the decision to either renovate or sell? It is a very real situation with some major consequences. So we posed that question to Canadians in the 19th annual RBC Housing poll conducted by Ipsos Reid. Their answers are inside.

Researchers are good at asking questions. But that’s because we’re interested in the answers. Have a look through the articles and get the answers our researchers have provided.

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