Ipsos Ideas: Refreshing Ideas for the Fall…

We’re heading into the Fall and some of the busiest months for business and retail. As you continue to build and strengthen your brands, it’s always helpful to get some great ideas on how to do just that. That’s what this month’s issue of Ipsos Ideas offers.

This month, we provide you with unique perspectives and insights from a number of Ipsos research experts who really know their stuff. No doubt, they’ll get you thinking about the way you approach your brand, the way you engage with your consumers and employees, the data you collect and the kind of research you conduct.

Is Your Brand Truly Consumer-Centric?

Ipsos ASI’s John Hallward poses the question. If you want your brand to resonate with consumers, then you’d better start thinking more about your consumers than your brands.

Big Data Meets Enterprise Feedback Management

Big Data is everywhere and John Carroll III from Ipsos Loyalty outlines three you need to avoid.

Right Research for the Right Reason

With over 30 years in the business, Mary Kaye O’Brien knows about doing research right. And so do her clients. She shares a case study of how it can all go right.

Lead and Communicate to Drive Employee Engagement

An engaged employee is a productive employee, and as Amy Charles and Trevor Clarke  point out, employee engagement is a leading indicator of performance and competitiveness across all organizations.

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