Ipsos Ideas: Reflecting Forward…

One year ago, we did something to make research a whole lot better for you – we expanded our service offering through the acquisition of Synovate. Now, almost 12 months after signing the papers, we believe we’ve made great strides to bring you the latest in research innovations, deeper brand insights and greater client service. After all, it’s all about helping you build a better brand.

But we are a forward looking company, and while last year’s acquisition was a game changer, we’d much rather help you look to the future. Once again, we bring you Ipsos Ideas. This issue offers insights into digital advertising, global banking and our obsession with media and technology – offering new ideas and the latest findings. So enjoy and let us know how we can help you build your brand for a better tomorrow.

Should Digital Lead the Brief?

Digital is on every marketer’s radar, and investing in digital advertising is rising in comparison to other media. But is this now a ‘new normal’? And should we expect digital to now lead the creative brief? We weigh in on the discussion and what it means for the medium, the creative, and the brand.

Reputation Snapshot of the Banking Industry

Having a sound public reputation is something most businesses invest heavily in. That’s especially important for companies in the banking sector. The industry has weathered through the financial crisis that began back in 2008, but what’s the global outlook now?

America’s Affluent Crave Content

Now in its 36th consecutive year, the 2012 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey tracks the lives, lifestyles and media habits of Affluent Americans – defined as the 59 million adults with $100K+ annual household income. What does this year’s survey uncover? Find out here.

The True North, Strong and Mobile: A Look at Canada’s Mobile Landscape

The mobile device revolution is sweeping across the globe as more people purchase these devices. This is true in Canada as well, and although the infatuation is strong, we are showing signs of maturing as mobile device users. But that doesn’t mean we’re not eager to buy and consume!

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