Ipsos Ideas: Mysterious Ways…

Building a successful brand takes skill, time and good research. Ipsos is here to help you unravel the complex mysteries of what makes your customers do what they do.

The March issue of Ipsos Ideas explores the latest trends in research. From mystery shopping to advertising trends, our research experts explore new thinking and opportunities for you to examine.

In this month’s issue…

What’s Hot in Mystery Shopping

‘Hot’ and ‘Mystery Shopping’ are rarely used in the same sentence. But, the world of Mystery Shopping is spicing up, as we create innovative new approaches that go far beyond the one-size-fits-all operational solutions often used by researchers.

How to Effectively Navigate Current Trends

Is there a perfect storm brewing? As we explored and considered the trends for 2012, we recognized that the real value is not that we must be correct in predicting each trend, but rather in considering their implications: what would we do differently, or better, if each trend was true?

Affluents, Coupons, And The Implications Of A Female-driven Marketplace


It seems everyone is looking for the “deal of the day”. That even applies to the world of America’s Affluent. No doubt, this accounts for the success of online couponing sites like Groupon or LivingSocial. And it seems women are driving much of that growth.

A Phased-in Retirement for Canadians?

Retirement planning is no doubt on the minds of our Canadian readers. RRSP season just closed, tax filing deadlines are looming, and Stephen Harper is looking to reform Canada’s pension and old age security programs. But what are Canadians thinking and how do they plan to retire?

Researchers are good at asking questions. But that’s because we’re interested in the answers. Have a look through the articles and get the answers our researchers have provided.

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