Ipsos Ideas: London Calling…

After seven long years of planning, preparing and dreaming, the 2012 Olympics have arrived. While a lot of you are following the exploits of our athletes in London, there are probably more than a few of you who have invested heavily into the sponsorship of these Games. You’ll be happy to read our pre-Games global findings about interest in the 2012 Games. They paint a picture of a world riveted to the call of London.

Also in this month’s Ipsos Ideas is the latest thinking and findings from our team of research experts. Viral advertising can help you build your brand, but how can you make the most out of it? Our advertising research team provides some answers. With vacation season in full swing, we offer a snapshot of how much (and how) Americans are spending this summer. And for readers in Canada, we offer a snapshot how Canadians are using and accessing the Internet.

What If Your Ad Goes Viral?

A lot has been said about the potential power of viral advertising – ads that are re-transmitted or shared by members of the general public. It is not simply online video views, or views pushed by the advertiser itself. Viral ads take on a life of their own, but what drives them? And how can that help your brand?

Getting Into the Games: Who’s Watching, What, and How?

Michael Phelps, The Queen, Mr. Bean, Usain Bolt, 007, Roger Federer, thousands of athletes and an endless array of British icons all on the same stage? Clearly, we are talking about the London Olympic Games. Who else is talking about the Games? Judging by our pre-Games study…a lot of people!

Americans Charging up for Vacation

Fun, fun, fun in the summertime! Yes, it’s vacation season across America – time to pack up your troubles, load up the car, and hit the trails for some much needed rest and relaxation. Of course, all this freedom and adventure comes with a price. Here’s a look at vacation spending across the country.

Canadians Assess their Internet Service Providers

Our latest peek inside the 2012 Ipsos Canadian Inter@ctive Reid Report includes our annual review of online Canadians’ use of and satisfaction with their Internet service provider – both home and mobile. This will no doubt be of interest to telecommunications and Internet service providers specifically, as well as businesses conducting business over the Internet.

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