Looking Back on Some Great ‘Ideas’

The start of a new year is always a time to reflect on the year that was and anticipate the year to come. So, let’s begin 2012 with a look back at some of the most popular articles from our Ipsos Ideas newsletter from 2011.

Here they are…

Facebook: A Lot to Like?

Back in February, Kevin Thompson from Ipsos MediaCT told us that on average, a Facebook user ‘likes’ five things a week. What value is this to your brand?

Applying Lessons from Corporate Reputation Management to Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations

In June, Clifford Young and Julia Clark from Ipsos Public Affairs offered advice on reputation management. What lessons can the corporate world offer associations and non-governmental organizations?

Emerging & Traditional Media: Is This the Newest Odd Couple?

In July, Wendy Swiggett from Ipsos ASI informed us that traditional media and social media have somehow managed to help each other out. So how can they help you with advertising success?

Loyal or Lazy: Understanding the Instinctive Consumer

Also in July, Brad Bane from Ipsos Marketing prompted us to think about the way we research and analyze consumer spending. In particular, what role does instinct or habit play in the choices consumers make?

Know and Grow Your Share: The Wallet Allocation Rule

In November, Ipsos Loyalty’s Timothy Keiningham presented a new formula for measuring wallet share. Backed by two years of research and a feature in the Harvard Business Review, what did Tim’s team uncover?

Researchers are good at asking questions. But that’s because we’re interested in the answers. Have a look through the articles and get the answers our researchers have provided.

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