Ipsos Ideas: Good Ideas in Store

It’s business as usual here at Ipsos as we launch the November issue of Ipsos Ideas. What that really means is helping you to get creating, selling, producing, innovating, and improving. And to do that right, you need great ideas backed by sound research.

This month’s issue of Ipsos Ideas offers some ideas on making your product stand out, some research on plans and expectations for the upcoming U.S. holiday season, a new perspective on reaching the growing U.S. Hispanic market, new research on digital marketing in Canada and the technology uses and preferences of Canadian business leaders on the go. Enjoy this issue.

Rethinking the Power of Store Brands: Tips to Successfully Compete & Communicate

In any given category, many of the top products or services are quite similar or close enough. For this reason, it is very hard to differentiate based solely on product performance. The quality and value of a store’s own brands are challenging the manufacturer brands. It might be time to rethink marketing approaches.

An Infusion of Hispanic Influence: Get a Qualitative Perspective with Fusiona

The U.S. Hispanic market is growing in numbers, in influence, in affluence and that’s going to have an impact on your business. To help you get a better understanding of this market, the qualitative research team at Ipsos UU recently introduced Fusiona. Find out more about it and the unique nature of the U.S. Hispanic market.

Giving Thanks: Intimate Gatherings Are the Plan For 2012

Roasted turkey and sweet potatoes, family gatherings and football, cornucopias and Black Friday – Thanksgiving is on its way! But what are Americans planning on doing to prepare for and celebrate this year’s bounty? And what impact is the economy having on our Thanksgiving plans? Ipsos digs in.

Digital Marketing in Canada: A 2012 Snapshot

We asked Canadian marketers about their thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors towards the changing world of digital marketing, and how their business is managing and embracing it. In the last six years, the answer has evolved from “Don’t go there” to “Managing the ambitions,” with digital acknowledged as being complementary to traditional marketing.

Technology Takes off with the Canadian Business Traveller

Every year, Ipsos Reid lifts off with a comprehensive study of Canada’s frequent business travellers. Now in its twentieth year, the 2012 edition of the Canadian Business Travel Study revealed some interesting findings that show Canada’s business travellers are mobile and connected – and that includes their technology.

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