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Research can help take you where you need to go. Whether building a better brand, seeking that right target audience, planning for the future or bringing back your most profitable customers, research is the catalyst you need to make it all happen. The June issue of Ipsos Ideas connects these matters with thoughts and findings on a number of topics no doubt important to your business.

In this month’s issue, our digital advertising experts present their ideas on using social media. Our public affairs team explores the complexities of reaching America’s Hispanics and the retirement ideas of Canadians. And our loyalty team presents a case study on how the voice of the customer made a big impact on one of our clients.

In this month’s issue…

How do you really Leverage Social Media? Ipsos ASI|digital’s Top 10 Tips

Like it or not, Social Media is here to stay. But if you see it for what it is and the opportunities it presents, you have to see it as a great prospect for marketers. The trick is learning how to use it and leverage it for your brand’s success. We offer our tips.

Targeting Hispanics by Language Spoken at Home – Is it Really that Simple?

Language spoken, particularly at home, is often a simple way for marketers to segment U.S. Hispanics for marketing or media purposes. While language dominance at home can be useful for media purposes, language usage is more complex than that. We break it down for you.

Market Research You’ll LUV

When it comes to Southwest Airlines, a leader in the world of Customer Loyalty, the saying ‘LUV is in the air’ couldn’t be more true! Learn what Southwest Airlines has to say about how SWA measures, models and manages Customer information and research to drive better business results.

Who’s Responsible for Your Retirement Savings?

We asked Canadians about retirement savings and the state of the economy in a recent study for RBC. So, who do Canadians believe should be holding the bag when it comes to ensuring a financially secure retirement? Read up on what Canadians think, what they are doing, and what lies ahead.

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