Ipsos Ideas: Don’t Stop Believing…

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are finally here, but in fact, this is the time to be diligent, clear and levelheaded so that you can tackle the challenges ahead with informed and decisive action. After all, that’s what your competitors are doing. And with Ipsos working on your side, you get clarity, insight, and results.

For July, Ipsos Ideas examines a variety of topics relevant to helping you succeed. From improving brand performance, to plotting your customers’ next move, to unlocking the mysteries of technology obsessed world, our researchers are constantly working to offer better solutions and better advice to help you achieve better results. You’d better believe it…we are committed to your success.

So let us know what you need to succeed. Contact your Ipsos representative today and let them know what Ideas you need to explore, uncover, or illuminate. And in the meantime, enjoy this issue of Ipsos Ideas.

Better Measurement for Stronger Brands

The primary goals for your brands are to intercede in the mind of the consumer, to build or strengthen relationships, and to intervene in the aspects of the marketplace in such a way that demand for the brand is optimized, and grows over time. In other words, you’re in the business of building brand resonance.

Kids and Social Media

Do you remember what life was like when you were about 10 years old? Now imagine that life with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, smartphones, tablets and all the social media and tech devices kids today have access to. Being a kid in America today is much different experience than it was a generation ago.

Your Customer is on a Journey – Make Sure You Have a Copy of Their Map!

Humans are undoubtedly complex. And each step they take is part of a complicated journey filled with choices and decisions. Mapping the customer journey using the latest in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics can help clear the path and steer them to your door.

Interactive Banking: Dollars and Sense

Increasingly integrated in our everyday lives, the Internet has transformed the way Canadians connect, interact and consume. We recently took a look at Canadians’ use of smartphones and tablets and their evolving habits with those two devices as well as Internet Canadians’ online banking behaviours in the context of those new devices.

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