Ipsos Ideas: A Time for Understanding

Beyond the hustle and bustle of all the shopping and preparations, the holiday season comes down to being a time for people to get together, celebrate long lasting relationships, and create new memories. Ultimately, it is a time to delight in the company of the people that matter most in life. For Ipsos, that means you – our clients. We thank you for including us in your business decisions throughout 2012.

As you know, Ipsos conducts research all around the world, across numerous languages, sectors, cultures, and specialties. And from all that research we’ve come to appreciate one truly universal fact: understanding our world brings us closer together.

The special bond we have continues with this month’s issue of Ipsos Ideas. Once again we offer ideas and thought starters that help you better understand your consumers and make better business decisions.

Enjoy this issue and have a wonderful holiday season.

Is Good Digital Advertising a Fragment of Your Imagination?

Twenty years ago, TV viewers in major global markets had access to fewer than 30 TV Channels. Now digital advertising is a must have for advertisers, second only to TV in terms of advertising dollars spent. So how do you make sure you succeed in this growing medium?

Healthcare Dynamics Model: A Case Study

A leading pharmaceutical company came to Ipsos Health asking us to assess the market and identify future opportunities for growth. Despite being a category leader, their marketing initiatives were failing to increase sales. Here’s how we helped.

What to Expect For Holiday Spending 2012

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday now wrapped up and December now underway, we wondered what to expect of holiday spending for 2012. The findings from our recent survey offer some insights into America’s holiday spending intentions for 2012.

Canadian Baby Boomers Testing the Waters of New Technology

Increasingly connected, Canada’s Baby Boomers are finding their footing in the digital age. Slowly but surely, Boomers are beginning to make up ground in adopting emergent technology, but there is a definite lag behind younger Canadians. Our study highlights.

Canadians’ Gift Giving Plans for This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season! And if you are like the vast majority of Canadians, you’re likely to spend a fair amount of time this month inside a shopping centre getting geared up for the big day. A recent poll from Ipsos Reid explores this year’s holiday spending trends.

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