Ken Peterson
About Ken Peterson Chief Operating Officer
Ipsos Loyalty

Ken Peterson is Chief Operating Officer for Ipsos Loyalty’s U.S. division. An operations expert with many years of experience in the marketing research industry, Ken is Ipsos Loyalty’s face to Ipsos Operations and external vendors, responsible for streamlining costing and exploring new software and technologies that advance the Ipsos Loyalty practice. Ken is focused on P&L and detailed understanding of improving business operations. He is also an accomplished market researcher having managed customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement studies for clients in the retail, health, technology, transportation and finance sectors.

Articles by Ken Peterson

Understanding Enterprise Feedback Management as a Sports Fan

I’m a bit of a sports enthusiast, especially those games with many moving parts and constant strategy involved. Football tops that list and, being from Denver, my hometown team is the one that will always have my loyalty. However, a recent game day experience with another team made a great impression on me. I had…