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Chris Jackson is a Vice President with Ipsos Public Affairs, working in public opinion research since 2005. Chris specializes in Political Polling and strategic communications research with an emphasis on managing multi-country surveys among consumers and elite stakeholders. During his time at Ipsos he has conducted research for major corporations in the aviation, information technology, finance and consumer products industries. Before joining Ipsos he worked in non-profit and public policy research and prior to that he worked in national politics.

Articles by Chris Jackson

Obama’s economy

On some of the most crucial attributes, including jobs and the economy, healthcare and representing change, Barack Obama was seen by the majority of Americans as the most credible candidate. Unfortunately for the President, this path looks like it probably will not work twice.


Consumer Confidence and the Election

As Cliff pointed out in his earlier post Barack Obama’s chances for reelection are more reliant on the sentiment of the American Public (desire for change vs desire for continuity) than the tactics of the campaign. In upcoming posts, Cliff will further detail how he calculates the desire for change typology. Today I wanted to share some quick data on a single component, the economy and consumer confidence.

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