The Lloyd’s Risk Index: Then & Now

Risk analysis is essential to business leaders in today’s uncertain economic times. Run in conjunction with our UK-based colleagues at Ipsos MORI, the Lloyd’s Risk Index 2013 is a survey of global business leaders’ perceptions of the greatest risks to their businesses and the level to which they believe they feel prepared to deal with them. The report highlights some significant changes compared to our surveys in 2009 and 2011. Two years on, as the global economic crisis enters its sixth year, businesses appear to have become more realistic about the degree to which they can mitigate the risks inherent in the wider economic, regulatory and natural environment. In fact, three key themes have emerged: corporate taxation, a stalled economic recovery, and the evolution of risk management. The analysis indicates that the slowdown in growth has made the world a newly challenging place for the more recently developing nations. It will take expert risk management to help them insulate against the risks from which they are not immune. The timetable for global economic recovery is likely to be much longer than we hoped in the immediate aftermath of the economic crash. In such circumstances, sustainability, rather than growth, will be a priority for many. While consumer demand for many services may remain low for several years to come, the demand for effective risk management and mitigation seems likely to continue to grow.

This is a must read for anyone involved with business or institutional decision making in 2013. Download a full copy of the report now.