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Stay Plugged In With Your Customers

Let’s face it. The telecommunications marketplace can be tough. There are more companies than ever competing for market share, and consumers are becoming increasingly fickle towards brands. If a positive experience isn’t delivered, there’s a good chance they will move onto another brand.

In exploring the telecommunications landscape, we’ve identified several business realities that manufacturers and marketers must face. Companies that acknowledge and address these realities are more likely to see increased trust, loyalty and satisfaction among consumers.


Ipsos’ VoiceNW Paints a Portrait of Puget Sound Residents


As you may remember from my last post, Ipsos recently presented a medley of fun facts at the PSAMA MarketMix conference. The data was sourced from our Voice of the Northwest (VoiceNW) research solution, which provides a lens into the thoughts and opinions of Puget Sound citizens on a wide range of subjects. For those that didn’t make it to the conference, here is a summary of some key lifestyle habits of those in the Pacific Northwest.


Reflections: Building Brand Desire In-Store

Every time your consumers walk into a store, they face an endless array of shopping options. Even though they are motivated to buy, the challenge is getting them to pick your brand over all of the others. How do you jump out at them and make that leap from to shelf to shopping cart, to sale and repeat? We explore ideas and strategies in the latest Reflections from Ipsos ASI.


A Greener ‘Vision’ for BC Marketers?

Ipsos Reid’s Carmen Chan will be joining a number of her colleagues at today’s BCAMA Vision Conference in Vancouver – an event proudly sponsored by Ipsos. No doubt, some of BC’s biggest marketers will be there. How are those retail marketers doing at greening up their reputations? Carmen wrote about that very topic for the BCAMA’s Marketline publication. And we have a posting about her article, including a list of the Top 10 Mentioned Environmentally-Friendly Retailers in BC found in a recent Ipsos Reid study on retailers and the environment.