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Big Data – You Have a Right to Know

In this video of Darrell Bricker’s popular ‘You Have a Right to Know’ series, Ipsos Public Affairs’ Global CEO shares his insights on Big Data, including why it’s important, and what you need to be aware of from a methodological standpoint.

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Traditional or Digital? Canadians’ Conventional, Online and Social Media Use

With more people going online every day, media consumption habits have undeniably changed. But, has a shift towards digital replaced traditional mediums such as television and radio?

We asked Canadians about their daily media use and the results reveal traditional media use is still alive and well, and remains very widely used among Canadians.


Americans’ Perceptions of the National Economy and Personal Finances

Since hitting the lowest point in mid-2009, ratings of the national and local economies have shown small improvements. One third (33%) of Americans describe the current economic situation in their country as “good”. Perceptions about the national economy have improved notably since March among the higher income households, but have declined among the lowest income group.


Canadians Among Most Positive in Assessing Current Economic Situation

Canadians’ assessments of the national economy have remained remarkably stable over the past two years, with two-thirds (65%) holding positive views. These positive perceptions keep Canada among the top countries internationally on this sentiment, along with: Saudi Arabia (84%), Sweden (76%), Germany (66%) and China (65%).


Unemployment and Jobs Remains as Top Issue Among Americans

Looking at the U.S. issue agenda there is one issue stands apart from the rest – unemployment and jobs (45%). However, concern has continued to show a steady decline since June 2012, and is now at the lowest point since tracking began three years ago. Public concern about healthcare (36%) follows, and corruption (25%) rounds out the top three issue priorities.


Corruption Emerges as One of the Top Issues Facing the Country

The public has taken notice of the various “scandals” in Canadian politics recently as corruption has emerged to challenge healthcare for top spot on a list of issue priorities facing the country.

Healthcare (40%) has been and continues to be the top national issue among Canadians. However, corruption (37%) and taxes (36%) are now very close behind, knocking unemployment and jobs out of the top three.


When Pollsters Get it Wrong – You Have a Right to Know

In the fifth video of the “You Have a Right to Know” series, Darrell Bricker, Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs explains the complexities involved in election polling, including the impact of voter turnout, voting vs. general populations, and how pollsters can do a more effective job at predicting election outcomes.

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52% of Canadians are ‘Engaged’ with Public Policy, Social and Political Issues Online

There are thousands of conversations happening about issues and organizations each day. As more people go online everyday they are defining the issues we discuss and making their voices heard. The growing popularity of social media use around the world has compounded the number of these conversations and provided a platform for thoughts, opinions and influence to spread quickly – far and wide.

Using our 24-country monthly Global @dvisor survey, we have been tracking online behaviour and the use of social media as it relates to discussion about public policy, social and political issues. Our latest study reveals more than half (52%) of Canadians are using social media either ‘actively’ (29%) to make their voices heard or ‘passively’ (23%) to gain a greater understanding of the issues.


Americans Focused on Unemployment and Jobs

The issue agenda of Americans has remained focused on unemployment/jobs over the last three years.

Although unemployment/jobs dominance has decreased recently, the top three issue concerns among Americans include unemployment/jobs (48%), healthcare (36%), and taxes (30%). April marks ‘Tax Season’ in the U.S., and this month’s report reflects this, as taxes have solidified its position as the third ranked issue, behind healthcare, in the last six months. Another recent shift is the surge in concern about crime and violence (22%) likely driven by issues surrounding the gun control debate.


Top Three Issues: Healthcare, Unemployment/jobs and Taxes

Healthcare (41%), unemployment/jobs (39%) and taxes (30%) remain consistent as the top three issue concerns among Canadians. While trading spots periodically over the last three years, these three issues continue to occupy the top at a national level.