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The Affluent Outlook 2018

For over 40 years, Ipsos Affluent Intelligence has been studying Affluent Americans (currently defined as adults age 18+ with household incomes over $125,000) and developing insights into their attitudes and behaviors. In January of every year, we reach out to our Survey respondents with an Outlook questionnaire designed to gauge their optimism in regards to the future. This year the responses were the most polarized, conflicted, and fascinating we’ve seen. Despite a booming economy and tax cuts expected to help the well off, fewer than half of Affluent Americans are optimistic that 2018 will be a good year for America as a whole.

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Meet the Affluencers

What They’re Doing Now is What Everyone Else Will be Doing Next

Brands, agencies and media companies all know the power of influencer marketing. Recommendations and reviews drive today’s categories—and the influencers who provide them are businesses’ most important audience.

Ipos Affluent Intelligence has identified the most influential audience in America. For over forty years, we’ve been the preeminent authority on affluent consumers, and our ongoing survey gives us an unparalleled view into their attitudes, preferences and behaviors. It’s allowed us to study a segment of affluent Americans that we call “Affluencers.”

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Affluent Traveler Segmentation White Paper

As luxury consumers continue to move away from spending on “things” and move more and more towards the experiential, travel as an industry is benefiting greatly. While it’s clear that Affluents are critical consumers of all things travel-related, it may not always be so clear how best to reach them.

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