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Understanding Programmatic Digital Ad Buying

Digital advertising used to be purchased and sold 100% manually. Those with ads to sell, such as Yahoo! and MSN, would pitch their content and associated ad inventory and targeting solutions to advertisers and agencies. It worked in the other direction as well. Agencies and advertisers would put our RFPs requesting access to certain audiences in certain contexts.

As ad networks and the alphabet soup of associated and emerging platforms such as DSPs, SSPs and RTB systems developed, programmatic buying has become more commonplace.


Reflections: Building Brand Desire In-Store

Every time your consumers walk into a store, they face an endless array of shopping options. Even though they are motivated to buy, the challenge is getting them to pick your brand over all of the others. How do you jump out at them and make that leap from to shelf to shopping cart, to sale and repeat? We explore ideas and strategies in the latest Reflections from Ipsos ASI.


Reflections: Insight From the Emerging Markets

We’re taking you on a little trip with our latest issue of Reflections, Ipsos ASI’s recurring thought leadership initiative and resource for clients. From Russia with love, to the digital beats of Latin America, and throughout the diverse Asia Pacific brandscape, we’re taking a look at brand communications around the world and offering some interesting and actionable insights taken directly from these emerging markets.


A Greener ‘Vision’ for BC Marketers?

Ipsos Reid’s Carmen Chan will be joining a number of her colleagues at today’s BCAMA Vision Conference in Vancouver – an event proudly sponsored by Ipsos. No doubt, some of BC’s biggest marketers will be there. How are those retail marketers doing at greening up their reputations? Carmen wrote about that very topic for the BCAMA’s Marketline publication. And we have a posting about her article, including a list of the Top 10 Mentioned Environmentally-Friendly Retailers in BC found in a recent Ipsos Reid study on retailers and the environment.


From Good to Great Communications: How Emotions Can Help

Recently, I was asked by an industry peer what really made for great communications. I couldn’t help but reflect on the ads that mattered to me, and that influenced my decision making. The ads that I remember first really paying attention to when I was much younger were the classic long distance commercials. They really stuck with me. Even to this day, I continue to patronize the brand that resonated with me back then, even though back then I had no ability to act on it.


Leveraging the Potential for ‘Word of Mouth’ and ‘Word of Mouse’

In an interview piece published today, Wendy Swiggett, Senior Vice President of Global Ad Testing Development with Ipsos ASI, shared her thoughts on how to best harness Word of Mouth and the real-world benefits of what we at Ipsos ASI call re-transmission — the sharing of the ad’s content from a trusted source thus transferring endorsement of that product or message. The results create a multiplier effect on both ad reception and response, and the best part is, they are measurable.


How to Effectively Navigate Current Trends

As we contemplated what 2012 would hold, and explored and considered the coming year’s trends, we recognized that the real value is not that we must be correct in predicting each trend, but rather in considering their implications: what would we do differently, or better, if each trend was true?

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