About Steve Levy Chief Operating Officer, Canada

Steve Levy is a frequent public speaker at both conferences and client events, and talks on a number of topical issues including: the Future of Marketing, the changing digital landscape, marketing in a recession, and the move from the big screen to the small screen.

While starting his career in sales (at Xerox) and then brand management (at Mars foods), Steve has been involved in the marketing research and information business in the UK, South East Asia and, since 1985, in Canada.

As Chief Operating Officer of Ipsos Reid East, Steve directs the company's Marketing, Loyalty, and Media CT research business which involves a number of specific responsibilities including managing a staff of almost 100 marketers and researchers, local product development, innovation, and R&D. He also oversees the publication and release of white papers and publications in the marketing and loyalty space, as well as a number of significant research programs.

In addition to his management role, Steve continues to act as team leader for a number of accounts mostly in the technology sector. He has been a member on the Ipsos International Loyalty Board since its inception in 2002 and is also active in the broader industry. He was the 2010 conference chair for the Marketing Research & Intelligence Association's (MRIA) annual conference and is a Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) Board and Executive Committee member.

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