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Ron is an Account Manager for the Television Insights team in Ipsos Connect, with roots in syndicated, ad-hoc custom, and brand tracking work. Ron has also been instrumental in the management of international studies, new product initiatives, and advanced media lab research studies. Ron joined Ipsos as a full time employee in 2014, after having been an intern at Ipsos Connect. He graduated from the University of Southern California as a USC Presidential Scholar with a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in Cinematic Arts. Ron based in Los Angeles and is an avid trivia buff.

Articles by Ron Ackner

TOMAmeter August 31 – September 6: MTV VMAs Take the Spotlight

Entering the rankings this week were the MTV Video Music Awards (#8), hosted by Miley Cyrus. The 2014 VMAs peaked at #16 in the rankings; the 2015 iteration managed to outperform the 2014 show in this regard. AMC’s The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead continue to hold the top two spots in the rankings for…


TOMAmeter August 24-30: The Walking Dead Franchise Dominates


Following a debut episode that clocked record viewership numbers, Fear the Walking Dead is now #2 in the rankings after its sister show, The Walking Dead. With these two atop the rankings, this marks the first time in over two years that two AMC shows were in the top five in the TOMAmeter (the last AMC show to hold a peak position was Breaking Bad, during its finale season). The two sister shows lead in mentions by a large margin, with a significant gap between them and the next highest show in unaided mention, Game of Thrones.


TOMAmeter August 17-23: Fear the Walking Dead Continues its Ascent

In the week leading up to its premiere, Fear the Walking Dead rose four places in the TOMAmeter rankings, to #4, where it now threatens to enter the top three and push Orange is the New Black out. If it enters the top three, it will be the first new program to be among the…


TOMAmeter August 10-15: Football Season is Back!


It’s August, and the fall season brings football with it! This week, coverage of NFL preseason football re-entered the TOMAmeter at #10. NFL coverage re-entered the TOMAmeter at approximately the same time as last year, so despite Deflategate, the NFL is back to normal.

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