About Paul Abbate Senior Vice President
Ipsos Public Affairs

Paul is the Senior Vice President of Ipsos Public Affairs’ Omnibus Services business in the US. His background includes 11 years of sales, marketing, consumer insights, and product development roles at both Pepsi Cola Company and Coca Cola Company, prior to moving into the market research and information management industry, where he has spent the past 13 years working for some of the world’s largest research (TNS-GfK-Ipsos), and sampling (Toluna-SSI) organizations.

His expertise includes designing and launching market opportunity products and services such as Ipsos’ Global @dvisor public opinion tracker, which he managed from 2006 – 2009. He is also well versed in developing sales and marketing plans for the Public Affairs’ sector teams, and frequently hosts clients advisory group sessions to incorporate their feedback into the future product development processes within Ipsos Public Affairs’ US team. In his current role he is responsible for revenue generation, client acquisition and retention, and the broadening of many Ipsos MR products and services here in the US. Reporting on consumer trends, listening to the vibe through social media platforms, and passing along relevant and topical insights to clients, colleagues, and prospective clients, is a critical part of Paul’s role today within Ipsos.

Our success is predicated on... "Being known, liked, and trusted, so colleagues and clients can advocate on our behalf".

He is a frequent contributor to AMA's market research pod cast series, and has been interviewed and recorded segments for Research Radio’s, Research watch series. He has also led sales and marketing training sessions at AMA and CASRO events in the past.

Paul has a BS from Babson College, in Wellesley, MA, where he currently serves on its Consumer Advisory Board for Alumni Affairs, and has acquired sales and research certifications from Miller-Heiman, Dale Carnegie, and Burke Institute. His home office location is Ipsos Boston, 31 Milk Street, Boston, MA 02190.

Articles by Paul Abbate

A ‘Tail’ of Cats and Dogs

Top Cat… The Indisputable leader of the gang… he’s the boss… he’s a pip… he’s the championship… he’s the most tip top… Top Cat!

In a recent survey by Ipsos Public Affairs, Americans Have a Serious Case of “Puppy Love”, we investigate pet ownership and human behavior towards their canine and feline friends (we do the same for our friends in Canada here – Pet Ownership is the “Cat’s Meow” in Canada).


“Calgon, take me away!”

Who doesn’t need a break, time-off, or time away from the daily stresses of our busy lives? But why are so many Americans screaming for a vacation?  Maybe it’s today’s work calculus…  Work twice as hard, for half the benefits, and achieve a quarter the results…

A recent study from Ipsos Public Affairs, confirms Americans’ desire to get away annually…


My Funny Valentine? Men and Women on the Subject of Valentine’s Day

Well, sometimes you have to look at the data… and just believe it… as crazy as it may seem.

At first glance, our editorial team chuckled when we saw the results from our most recent eNation survey examining how consumers were going to spend Valentine’s Day.

Yikes, are men this out of touch with the needs and desires of the women in their lives?  Are women this passionate about the celebration of Valentine’s Day with their significant other, and spending time with others?


Promises, Promises…

It’s a New Year, and the promises and commitments made by many Americans for 2013 have already been broken, abandoned, or pushed till February.


What Car Buyers Want

In Ipsos’ December Thought Starter, part of what we illustrate is the obvious and self-evident opinion of US citizens intending to purchase a car in the next 3 months. But… we also learn a lot about some underlying needs which are forcing global auto manufacturers to evolve their models, designs, and cars in the years to come.


Giving: American Style

All too often, we as Americans, forget how generous, giving, and thoughtful we are during good times and bad. Just last month, “ABC’s Good Morning America Show” launched its “Day of Giving” Sandy relief effort, and raised $15,663,327, to help aid families affected by the storm. By any account, this was amazing generosity from strangers living in this great nation.


Thought Starter: Giving Thanks

It’s November 19th, and a new day has dawned. We have cleared the path of presidential campaign advertisement overload, and now Americans can look squarely back into the mirror of the economic concerns of our country, and more importantly… their own personal finances. Although recent data  shows optimism and confidence stabilizing, and possibly lifting upward in recent months, we are clearly not through the storm just yet.

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