About Mike Colledge President, Canada
Ipsos Public Affairs

Mike Colledge joined Ipsos Reid in 1997 after more than 12 years of working within both social and economic portfolios of the Government of Canada. Mike's background and expertise covers all facets of public and private sector communications as well as government policy development.

Since joining Ipsos Reid, Mike has worked on hundreds of qualitative and quantitative studies and projects. The policy and program objectives that Mike's work has supported have ranged from encouraging people to donate blood or stop smoking to positioning and communicating the Government of Canada's annual budget.

Currently he works with most of the major Federal Departments as well as a number of large national associations and private sector clients. Mike provides advice and counsel to his clients on a wide range of public affairs, communications and policy issues. He helps clients conduct and use public opinion research to gain a better understanding of their target audience and to translate this understanding into efficient and effective policies, programs, communications strategies and marketing initiatives.

Articles by Mike Colledge

Public Perceptions of Ontario Hospitals

Recently, our program evaluation team produced a detailed report titled, Public Perceptions of Hospitals: Report on Ontario Hospitals, exploring public perceptions of hospitals across the province. The report measures public opinion of hospital performance on various publicly reported issues, including hospital cleanliness and hospital acquired infections.


Exploring the Changing Face of the Communications Industry

On March 20th, 2012, over 40 communications professionals gathered for a day-long Ideation Session at the University of Ottawa to collaboratively discuss the past, present and future of the communications industry.

The impact of social media and citizen journalism on the industry as well as the changing role of the professional communicator were among the many topics discussed.