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About Michael Baer Senior Vice President, Team Lead
Ipsos Affluent Intelligence

Michael Baer, SVP, Team Leader at the Ipsos:Affluent Intelligence Group, is a modern, omni-channel marketing leader and driver of innovation, creativity and growth. He has led integrated teams at global agencies, as a leader at a global Media agency, as a CMO of an independent marketing services agency, and partner/CMO at a mobile geo-location technology start-up. He is also the developer of the concept of “Stratecution” – a new way to think about marketing in the digitally-led “new normal".

Articles by Michael Baer

2019 Ipsos Affluent Intelligence: Affluents & Social Media

Social media has been a pervasive part of the media and communications landscape for the better part of a generation. During this time we’ve seen it evolve from being a social, communications tool to a set of robust platforms with much wider-ranging sets of services including entertainment, retail, careers and beyond. And, of late, we’ve…


Smart Home Technology – Not your Typical Tech

In this age of fragmentation and media complexity, the idea of understanding and engaging with an audience with disproportionate buying power, interest and influence is an understandably compelling approach. Ipsos Affluent Intelligence data has proven that affluent influencers—Affluencers—have greater spending power, expertise and category knowledge. They’re experimenters and early adopters who road test new products…


Meet the Affluencers

What They’re Doing Now is What Everyone Else Will be Doing Next

Brands, agencies and media companies all know the power of influencer marketing. Recommendations and reviews drive today’s categories—and the influencers who provide them are businesses’ most important audience.

Ipos Affluent Intelligence has identified the most influential audience in America. For over forty years, we’ve been the preeminent authority on affluent consumers, and our ongoing survey gives us an unparalleled view into their attitudes, preferences and behaviors. It’s allowed us to study a segment of affluent Americans that we call “Affluencers.”

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Affluent Traveler Segmentation White Paper

As luxury consumers continue to move away from spending on “things” and move more and more towards the experiential, travel as an industry is benefiting greatly. While it’s clear that Affluents are critical consumers of all things travel-related, it may not always be so clear how best to reach them.

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