Liz Boyle
About Liz Boyle Vice President, US
Ipsos Marketing

Liz Boyle has nearly 15 years of market research experience, with the majority of her career focused on CPG innovation. She has worked on a wide array of client businesses ranging from soup to nuts (literally), and she has a passion for helping her clients get to the heart of the story and make an impact on their business. Outside of the office, Liz enjoys spending time with her husband, son and beloved Airedale Terrier.

Articles by Liz Boyle

Social Media Crowdsourcing Changes the Face of Product Influencers

With nearly 70% of consumers gathering information online to influence their purchases, and nearly two-thirds engaging in social media daily, the word-of-mouth dynamic is shifting, and influencers of consumer product adoption are not who they used to be. Social media crowdsourcing has changed this dynamic; where once we had passionate mavens and social influencers pushing…