John Hallward
About John Hallward President, Global Tracking
Ipsos Connect

John was born in Montreal in 1961 and still calls it home, when he's not traveling the world. He graduated from the Queen's University business school, in Kingston, Ont., with a BComm in 1983, and has been "studying" marketing ever since.

John was a Research Manager at Johnson + Johnson Inc., in Montreal, and a Research Associate at Procter & Gamble in Toronto. In 1986, because he thought he could build a better mousetrap, he co-founded Tandemar Research. After 14 years of running and successfully growing his own business, he and his business partner sold the company to Ipsos, the global survey based market research company. John has been with Ipsos since 2000, and is now Global Director of new product development for one of its divisions, Ipsos Connect, The Advertising Research Company.

At Ipsos Connect, John has continued to think and act as an entrepreneur by leading the global support for such products as Equity*Builder (for brand health), Ad*Graph/Brand*Graph tracking (for brand health tracking and advertising effectiveness), and introducing the new Brand*Graph 360° for holistic evaluation. He also helped develop the unique "Quality of GRP's" media model in the USA + Canada. Most recently, John has been developing Ipsos Connect's industry leading R&D into measuring emotions, motivational research, and holistic marketing communications.

John has spoken at ARF events in the USA, MRIA events in Canada, the World Wide Print Symposium in Prague, Plurimedia in Brazil, the first IAA Conference in Amman, and numerous client events around the world.

Hallward, married with three children, describes himself as a "curious ordinary layman."

Articles by John Hallward

New world success looks much like old world success

In this new world where change is the only constant, we have the perfect storm:

  • Brand Management is changing with the threat of “me too” brands, the growth in private labels, company alignment behind billion dollar brands, and the retail trade becoming more powerful.
  • Advertising is changing with the growth of new digital, social, and mobile touchpoints, with the resulting decay in some traditional media.
  • Consumerism has changed with shoppers being more connected, knowledgeable, empowered, and demanding (“right now, right here”).  It is the era of the “prosumer”.