Jason Brown
About Jason Brown President, US
Ipsos Marketing

For over 20+ years Jason has done most every job in marketing research, which gives him a unique ability to see both the forest and trees with clarity. Currently he is the CEO for Vantis in the US, and he also runs Ipsos’ B2B and services marketing research in the US. Jason has been with Vantis for almost 15 years, over which time Vantis has grown from a boutique to a large global business unit within the Ipsos family of companies, and the largest concept testing specialization group for ‘non-CPG’ sectors in the world.

Over his tenure with Vantis, there are two skills Jason has developed that are usually most important to his clients: First, Jason has a very keen eye for the ‘diamonds in the rough’ and how to commercialize them – the ideas that might not look on face like champions, but have that potential; Second, he has seen a lot of companies both succeed and fail in getting their organization to listen to and use innovation research well, and this has let him really help his clients drive insight for better business results.

Jason has received many accolades from his clients, including outstanding consultant of the year from Abbott Labs. He regularly speaks on best practices in innovation research at industry conferences and schools such as Kellogg, Wharton, and others. When he’s not busy finding diamonds in the rough, Jason keeps busier with two young boys, who are the most important gems in his life.

Articles by Jason Brown

Getting Innovation ‘Unstuck’

In most mature categories, there’s a common pattern: there are pretty clear Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies, and there are worrisome smaller players. Worrisome because they have an edge – the benefit of not being all things to all people – or because they do something that the top players just can’t seem to…