About Darrell Bricker Chief Executive Officer
Ipsos Public Affairs

Darrell Bricker is Chief Executive Officer of Ipsos Public Affairs, the division of Ipsos that conducts corporate reputation and social research around the world, with offices in 25 countries and a staff of 700 research professionals.

Located in Toronto, Darrell has a long history in social and corporate reputation research, as well as research for political campaigns. Prior to joining Ipsos Public Affairs in 1990, Darrell was Director of Public Opinion Research in the Office of Canada's Prime Minister. He also worked as a research consultant with firms in Ottawa and Toronto.

Long recognized as a leader in his field, Darrell is a past Social Science and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellow. He's also an active member of the American Association of Public Opinion research, ESOMAR, and Canada's MRIA, where he was on the keynote panel for their 50th anniversary conference.
Darrell is a prolific author: his academic articles have been published and republished over the past 20 years. His latest book (with John Wright), "Canuckology", published by HarperCollins in September 2010, is a national bestseller. As are all of his previous books: "We Know What You're Thinking" (with John Wright, Harper Collins, 2009), "What Canadians Think About Almost Everything" (with John Wright, Doubleday, 2005), and "Searching for Certainty: Inside the New Canadian Mindset" (with Ed Greenspon, Doubleday, 2001).

Darrell also appears frequently in the media as a commentator on political, social and business issues. And, he speaks regularly at industry, government and academic conferences. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Carleton University in Ottawa, and a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo.

Articles by Darrell Bricker

Likely Voters – You Have a Right to Know

In the latest “You Have a Right to Know” webisode, Darrell Bricker, Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, looks at political polling including the differences between gen pop, eligible, likely, and true voters, methods of dealing with non-voters, and the pros and cons of various models used in political polling. The “You Have a Right to Know” series is designed for journalists and informed citizens who have an interest in better understanding how public polls are conducted and presented, as well as how they can evaluate poll integrity and quality.

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Big Data – You Have a Right to Know

In this video of Darrell Bricker’s popular ‘You Have a Right to Know’ series, Ipsos Public Affairs’ Global CEO shares his insights on Big Data, including why it’s important, and what you need to be aware of from a methodological standpoint.

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When Pollsters Get it Wrong – You Have a Right to Know

In the fifth video of the “You Have a Right to Know” series, Darrell Bricker, Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs explains the complexities involved in election polling, including the impact of voter turnout, voting vs. general populations, and how pollsters can do a more effective job at predicting election outcomes.

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Free Research Isn’t Free

In the fourth video of the “You Have a Right to Know” series, Darrell Bricker, Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, explains the rationale behind ‘free’ polls, including what questions journalists should ask before covering the results, and how to spot a rogue poll.

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Understanding Society: Economic Crises, Election Victories, New Challenges

I am pleased to share the Ipsos Social Research Institute’s latest report – Understanding Society: Economic crises, election victories, new challenges.

This report brings together experts from across the Ipsos Social Research Institute to consider the period of extraordinary change many nations have witnessed over the last few years, since the 2007/8 global economic crisis. Understanding Society covers a range of key political, social and economic issues facing the world.


Global Public Opinion of International Relations – Halifax International Security Forum

In this video, Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, discusses the findings of Ipsos’ recent polling on international relations for the Halifax International Security Forum, including the link between citizen national economic assessment and potential support for international engagement and which countries and organizations have the potential to have the most positive impact on world affairs in the next decade.

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Data Collection | You Have A Right To Know

Darrell Bricker, Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, discusses data collection.

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Sampling & Weighting | You Have A Right To Know

In the second video of the “You Have a Right to Know” series, Darrell Bricker, Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, explains the science of Sampling and Weighting, including Margin of Error.

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Ipsos Gets it Right Again!

On November 6, Americans went to the polls for the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. When the final results were in, it was clear that Ipsos Public Affairs was a winner as one of the election’s most accurate pollsters!

Ipsos Public Affairs, together with Thomson Reuters, found themselves in the winner’s circle following Tuesday’s 2012 U.S. Presidential Election having accurately predicted the outcome.

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Questionnaire Design | You Have A Right To Know

In the first video of the “You Have a Right to Know” series, Darrell Bricker, Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, explains the art of questionnaire design, including the finer points of questionnaire wording, scales and the priming effect.

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