About Craig Bradley SVP and Global Director Mystery Shopping
Ipsos Loyalty

Craig Bradley is the Global Director of the Mystery Shopping practice, part of the Ipsos Loyalty group. His responsibility is for overall strategic direction of the global Ipsos Mystery Shop business. In addition, he directs the team with respect to global sales growth, client management, operational execution, knowledge management and thought leadership. He specializes in client management and operational execution for Mystery Shop and Brand/Compliance Audit programs. He has extensive experience in designing, managing and executing customer experience and Loyalty programs for multinational companies. Craig has lived and worked in New Zealand, Thailand and the US and has extensive experience in the following sectors: Retail, Restaurants, Consumer, Financial Services, Automotive, Oil & Gas/C-Stores, Public Sector, Tech & Telecom.

Articles by Craig Bradley

Mystery Shopping: Three Ways to Make Your Program Better Today

In my experience with retailers, banks, telcos, oil companies, auto dealers and restaurants, I have observed that operational consistency is what all brands desire most. Mystery shopping is unquestionably a powerful tool to drive such consistency in widely distributed operations. It is reliable, repeatable and robust – a fact that is backed up by a two billion dollar global mystery shopping industry. Still, mystery shopping can be made better.