Colin Ho
About Colin Ho Senior Vice President, Global Modeling Unit, US
Ipsos Marketing

Prior to joining the market research industry, Colin was educated as a Social Psychologist and has published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology and the British Journal of Social Psychology. He joined Ipsos in 1998 and spent a total of nine years on the Procter & Gamble account. In 2006, Colin joined Henry Rak Consulting Partners, a management consultancy that specializes in the development of strategic brand growth strategies (HRCP is now part of McKinsey). In June 2009, Colin returned to Ipsos to lead the US Marketing Science Group and is also a technical, innovation and product development advisor to the Ipsos Retail and Shopper Insights Practice.

Articles by Colin Ho

Unfreezing Consumers to Heat Up New Product Sales!

Companies have long assumed that if they build a better mousetrap and effectively communicate the benefits, consumers will come. Most companies’ efforts, therefore, are centered on the development and optimization of new products and/or services. Developing a superior product, however, is only half the picture. For a new product/service to be adopted, consumers have to…