Ashley Ericksen
About Ashley Ericksen Vice President
Ipsos Marketing

Ashley Ericksen is Vice President, U.S., of Ipsos Marketing and is part of the ProductQuest Service Line. ProductQuest supports Ipsos’ product development/testing and pack testing offer. In this role Ashley provides thought leadership and support for US product and pack testing, consulting on design, methodology and analytics. She supports global product testing programs in the U.S. with a focus on establishing testing guidelines and best practices for Fortune 500 clients as a means for helping them develop and deliver superior products.

Ashley began her career in market research at Market Facts, where she held a marketing sciences role that provided a strong foundation in data analysis. Her work in this space covered many industries, clients and research types, building a strong repertoire of experiences that still guide her today. She eventually was able to bridge her statistical background into the product development and product testing arena, gaining the trust of colleagues and clients alike.

Ashley lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, two children and two cats. She enjoys traveling, running and nightly adventures in grade school homework.

Articles by Ashley Ericksen

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