Ipsos Affluent Intelligencer: Social Media Usage & Habits

Ipsos Affluent Intelligencer Social Media Usage and Habits
Social media is continually evolving. As communications platforms shift to offering much wider-ranging sets of services, new entrants continue to challenge existing ones and change the way consumers interact with the technology and each other.

Our latest webinar examined the relationships Affluents have with social media – everything from the rise of influence to their concerns over privacy and trust. 

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Source: Ipsos Affluent Survey USA Q3 Barometer 2019 

Affluents are committed to social media and spend a mean of 2.25 hours per day on social media platforms. However, perhaps surprisingly, males are spending significantly more time on social media than females.

Median Affluent Hours Per Day Spent on Social Media

Socializing and entertainment are top reasons for using social media. Not surprisingly, Affluencers – the affluent influencers who are the first to try new products and tell others about their experiences —  are more likely to use the platforms to both make recommendations and share their experiences. 

Affluents Using Social Media To:

And despite the perception of social media as a channel for negative discourse and feedback, nearly a third of Affluents are spreading product and services good news stories. 

Which of the Following Have You Done in the Past Six Months on Social Media?

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