Ipsos Affluent Intelligencer: Affluents and Social Media

The social media landscape continues to evolve and as the leading platforms continue to mature, issues like privacy and advertising have impacted how consumers use the platforms. As marketers, it’s important to understand these shifts in order to cut through the noise and effectively engage with key audiences. 

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Source: Ipsos Affluent Survey USA Spring 2019

Facebook is the platform Affluents spent the greatest amount of time on each day, but this doesn’t hold true for Gen Z. YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram all surpass their time spent on Facebook.  

While every generation is almost equally more cautious with the content they now share on social media, Millennials are the most likely to take action and adjust their account settings to ensure their privacy on social media.  

Boomers and Seniors prefer using social media channels for connecting with friends and family, but younger generations are much more likely to use the platforms to follow their favorite brands and companies, indicating receptivity to relevant marketing content. 

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