Ipsos Affluent Intelligencer: Affluent Spending

Each year we announce the launch of our Fall release with a presentation that includes what’s new in the Ipsos Affluent Survey in addition to some of the new and interesting stories we see in the data. This year, we looked at the data through the lens of power, persuasion and particularities.

This month’s Intelligencer focuses on a finding from each and what it means for those marketing to affluent consumers.

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Survey of Consumer Finance, released Fall 2016
Consumer Expenditure Survey, BLS – 2017 (released Fall 2018)
Ipsos Affluent Survey US Fall 2019

Affluents control three-quarters of US net worth, spending an annual average of $116,204 per household. That’s 2.5 times the household expenditure of non-affluent households. And it’s even higher for many categories.

43% of Affluencers identify as early adopters – a number 2.5x higher than the total Affluent population. In addition, Affluencers lead adoption across all product categories, indicating they are the most important influencers for brands to engage with.  

In 2011, Boomers/Seniors comprised more than half of all Affluents but now account for less than a third of the category, illustrating the fundamental transformation taking place as demographic shifts change the face of affluence. However, those who remain have a high net worth and are most likely to perceive themselves as affluent. 

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