Ipsos Affluent Intelligence: Affluent Americans in the Driver’s Seat

Like so many of the categories we cover in our survey, the automotive industry is in a state of evolution. Our Q3 webinar, Affluent Americans in the Driver’s Seat, focused on the technological innovation and generational change impacting the category and the direct implications for marketers. 

Based on our research findings, it’s clear that Auto Affluencers are still in love with the open road. Not only do they drive more for fun, these tech-savvy early adopters keep up on the latest industry trends and are continually in market for new vehicles.

Perhaps surprisingly, then, this passion for life behind the wheel and their perspective on car ownership as a means of self-expression doesn’t necessarily translate into greater car ownership.

A few other interesting considerations:

  • As Auto Affluencers embrace new trends – including those that take them out of the driver’s seat – what does that mean for auto ownership and innovation?
  • Affluents currently considering the purchase of an alternative fuel vehicle do not resemble current owners. Are existing products enough for them to buy?
  • Affluent women and men view driving differently, and also have different expectations from their vehicles. Are current marketing efforts targeting these specific needs and desires?

For more on Auto Affluencers and the topics above, click to listen to our latest webinar recording.

Affluent Americans in the Drivers Seat