Introducing the Ipsos Affluent Intelligence Growth Finder

Every brand is hungry for growth. As marketers navigate an increasingly competitive landscape, we know significant challenges exist in finding and driving this growth. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the launch of Growth Finder.

The first product in our Ipsos Affluent Intelligence Brand Marketing Solutions Suite, Growth Finder was created to help marketers easily pinpoint their best prospects. Using advanced statistical analysis and modeling techniques, the tool predicts who should be a customer of your brand, but isn’t.   

Leveraging a proprietary process powered by our vast Affluent Survey Database, Growth Finder was developed to help identify a brand’s opportunity for user/penetration growth and to provide insight into how to reach these audiences. Target groups are created as the tool identifies, defines and profiles growth prospects and compares them to current users.

Growth Finder Audience Segments

Growth Finder then offers insights into how to reach these potential new consumers and identifies the potential barriers that could prevent them from being current customers. 

Stay tuned as we launch the complete suite of tools including: a competitive mapping/modeling tool; custom user/category segmentation; and an influencer index. Download our one sheet to learn more.