Ipsos Affluent Intelligencer: How Prepared Do Affluents Feel for Retirement?

For marketers looking to engage on the topic of retirement, many opportunities and potential communication pitfalls exist. Understanding the range of psychological and financial concerns on the minds of consumers – whether they’ve already retired or are a long way from retirement yet – is critical to achieving success.

Source: Ipsos Affluent Q1 2019 Barometer. Based on Affluents aged 18+

An overwhelming majority of Affluents preparing to retire are in a good place, with most of them on track or having already exceeded their financial goals. Despite this, women are more likely to say they feel less financially prepared for retirement than men. 

Psychologically, an overwhelming majority are also in a good place, with many Affluents looking forward to retirement. Again, women show slightly more signs of concern than men and are less likely to say with confidence that retirement will be fulfilling. 

Traveling tops the retirement planning agendas well ahead of any other activity for both genders. Women expect to spend time with family, while men anticipate keeping busy with a hobby. 

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