Ipsos Affluent Intelligencer: Affluent Heavy Media Streamers

This month’s Ipsos Affluent Intelligencer, featuring curated and grazeable data and insights from our Affluent Study, is focused on the content streaming behaviors and habits of affluent consumers.
We’ve all likely done our share of binge-watching, but our research has identified who the heavy binge-watchers are. No surprise – they skew Millennial, tend to be single and are evenly split between male and female. They’re more multicultural in comparison to the overall Affluent population, many are entrepreneurs, and their household expenditures are 30% more than Total Affluents across all items purchased.

Read on to learn more about this key audience. 

Source: Ipsos Affluent Survey, Fall 2018.  Based on individuals with HH Income $125K+.  Heavy Binge Watchers = Usually watched 6+ episodes in a row.

We all have a perception of binge-watchers as a group who never leaves their couch or changes out of pajamas. In reality, they are an active and outgoing group with a lot of interests, passions and zest for life. 

In addition, heavy binge-watchers lean into more categories than just content streaming. They tend to be early adopters across lots of categories and the first of their friends to try new products and services (133 Index) – and then are the ones asked for their recommendations and advice. 

Interestingly, while many are paying for services that have no ads, these heavy binge-watchers are also more receptive to advertising and are 43% more likely to say “I have bought a product simply because the advertising was so good.” 

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