Affluent Americans and the New Golden Age of TV

It’s no secret the world of TV viewing has changed considerably. Given the rapid rise of mobile and the impact its had on what constitutes as watching TV, the recent explosion of content and channels isn’t surprising.  

With OTT, streaming, and subscribing to premium channels being behaviors a majority of us engage in, it’s easy to dismiss the category evolutions as a general phenomenon.

But, when compared to the general population, our research shows Affluents represent a group that is much more likely to believe we are in a new golden age of television. Not only do they watch and spend more, but they’re also more likely to embrace the proliferation of content choice.

As a group, Affluents are almost twice as likely to spend more than $50 a month on subscription services. They are also a group that loves the content boom, with 3/4 of Affluents indicating they are always on the hunt for something new to watch, compared to just over 2/3 of the general population.

Our latest white paper takes a closer look at the various behaviors, preferences and attitudes of the Affluent consumers driving adoption across the OTT/streaming landscape. Download it now for more on how they discover content and the potential opportunities that exist for cross-sector partnerships. 

Affluent Americans and The New Golden Age of TV

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