The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge Says “Yes, We Cannes!”

Dedicated, driven, creative, successful, accomplished, connected, compassionate – those are just a few words to describe the women that Ipsos will be celebrating, toasting and hosting this week. The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge is setting up shop once more, providing a relaxed yet chic repose ideal for a tête-à-tête, a rendez-vous, or perhaps an aperitif.

Launched by Shelley Zalis and Ipsos, The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge is a social place for women in the marketing, advertising, research, media and technology industries to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. What started out as small gatherings of just a few close women has ‘gone viral’ – with friends inviting friends who invite their friends.

Where the Girls Are

Today, The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge brings together hundreds of women at the industries’ largest trade events, including CES, 4As, ARF, ANA, Internet Week, Creative Week, and more. The women come to talk business and life. To laugh and to linger. And to connect with a network of women from around the world. Above all, The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge is a proud and avid champion, supporter and mentor of women.

This week, the ‘girls’ are taking their show to the French Riviera for the 2013 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, June 18-21 at which Ipsos ASI’s CEO, Liz Musch, will be taking part in a panel discussion about Brands & Causes – Does It Work?.

According to their website, “The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the world’s biggest celebration of creativity in communications. As the most prestigious international creative communications awards, more than 34,000 entries from all over the world are showcased and judged at the Festival, held during the third week of June in Cannes, France, every year. Winners receive the highly-coveted Lion trophy, presented at four award ceremonies throughout the week.”

It is only fitting that the Ipsos Girls’ Lounge be there – and that includes Liz!

Girls Just Wanna Get Business Done

“I wanted to create a place for girls’ girls with impact to hang, connect and create our own conversation,” says Shelley Zalis, “and The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge has brought together amazing and inspiring women. It has truly become a destination place!”

The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge will have a big presence in Cannes this year. The Lounge will be open each day from 10am – 6pm, with several special events planned including a special toast to Gloria Steinem, the highly accomplished writer and activist who has been involved in advancing the cause of women’s issues for more than forty years.

What Women Want

The women who have experienced the Lounge are huge fans. Don’t take our word for it…here’s what some of them had to say:

“The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge is a phenomenon now. In a very short time, you have created a brilliant franchise . . . rejuvenating, smart, inspiring and just plain wonderful.” – Cleary Simpson, MediaLink

“After attending The Girl’s Lounge event last night, I’ve literally been walking on air all day – such an amazing energy, much better than therapy!” – Carlyn Kelly, BigHeads Networks

“It was so nice to see old friends and meet new ones.  I will always strive to be (and hopefully succeed) at being a ‘girl’s girl’ and will continue to make it a priority to “just show up”.  There is tremendous strength in the friendships of women and the power and energy they generate.” – Sally Preston, Martha Stewart Living

“The coolest thing about The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge is being able to share it with women who I admire, envy and love.” – Gina Grillo, The Advertising Club/International ANDY Awards


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