Reflections: Insight From the Emerging Markets

Asia Pacific. Russia. Latin America. With populations in the hundreds of millions, these are big markets with seemingly untapped potential for building and growing brands. But they are also very diverse and distinct cultures (with layers of subcultures within each). If you want tap into these emerging markets, there really is only one thing they all have in common: A one-size-fits-all communications approach simply won’t do. In this issue of Reflections, we share insights from a number of global Ipsos ASI thought leaders to get their perspectives and the inside scoop on these markets with some lessons on how to make the biggest return on your investment.

Often marketers are asked to develop and leverage advertising campaigns that can transfer globally from market to market. And as Martijn Kist, our global President of Product Development at Ipsos ASI points out, Global Advertising Transferability can help make that a reality. But as our research shows, there some things you need to know first.

Also in this issue, Keith Spencer, Director of Product & Knowledge for Ipsos ASI in the Asia Pacific region, gives his thoughts on improving advertising ROI across the region.

In Latin America, Ignacio Racca, Product Manager for Online & Digital with Ipsos ASI, gives us a lesson on the exotic dance of digital engagement across the region. It can be as tricky to master as the samba or the tango!

And from Russia, we present some lessons learned from one of our clients in the region, SABMiller, on how to reach out to one of the largest online and most social media engaged audiences in the world.

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Reflections is Ipsos ASI’s recurring thought leadership initiative and resource for clients. Each edition features insight, research, viewpoints from our global network of advertising specialists to help you maximize your brand, communication, and advertising efforts.