Reflections: Building Brand Desire In-Store

Every time your consumers walk into a store, they face an endless array of shopping options. Even though they are motivated to buy, the challenge is getting them to pick your brand over all of the others. How do you jump out at them and make that leap from to shelf to shopping cart, to sale and repeat? Your in-store marketing and communications efforts are critical.

In our latest issue of Reflections, we go inside the store to get an insider’s perspective on what works and what needs to be reworked. Sharing insights from a number of global Ipsos ASI thought leaders, you’ll benefit from their experience and know-how in building brands in-store, with some thought provoking ideas on how to make the biggest return on your investment.

We help you rethink your strategy for combating store brand with some tips on how to better compete and communicate. We also offer strategies that help maximize your at-shelf touchpoints, offering advice on effective in-store communications and packaging strategies that succeed. And we offer a couple of case studies on some highly successful brand stories from both Sweden and Canada.

Get your ‘inspiration for action’ and read the latest Reflections here:

Reflections is Ipsos ASI’s recurring thought leadership initiative and resource for clients. Each edition features insight, research, viewpoints from our global network of advertising specialists to help you maximize your brand, communication, and advertising efforts.